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* Colorize the full log line, more/better colorsLaurent Bachelier2011-02-021-2/+6
* Handle file truncationLaurent Bachelier2011-02-011-1/+14
* Color class and first color usage in spawnLaurent Bachelier2011-01-051-0/+128
* Rewrite the configuration file between restartsLaurent Bachelier2011-01-031-0/+18
* Add support for the -t/--tail optionLaurent Bachelier2010-12-271-0/+101
* Add missing type in phpdocLaurent Bachelier2010-12-271-1/+1
* Move the lighttpd-killing to a functionLaurent Bachelier2010-12-271-0/+25
* Might help with Windows support?Laurent Bachelier2010-12-241-0/+1
* Rationalize output messagesLaurent Bachelier2010-12-231-2/+24
* Fixes diplay of uncaught exceptionsLaurent Bachelier2010-04-191-0/+10
* Do not fail silently if no required executables are foundLaurent Bachelier2010-04-121-15/+6
* Fixes option gettingLaurent Bachelier2010-03-182-2/+6
* Workaround for PHP < 5.3.0 and long optionsLaurent Bachelier2010-03-172-1/+372
* Create target directory if neededLaurent Bachelier2010-02-221-0/+1
* Adds --path option to mksymlinksLaurent Bachelier2010-01-161-0/+22
* More refactoringLaurent Bachelier2010-01-164-57/+63
* Plenty of refactoring, PosixToolsLaurent Bachelier2010-01-163-1/+101
* Libraries that will be used by spawnLaurent Bachelier2010-01-152-0/+57
* Move utility files to lib/Laurent Bachelier2010-01-151-0/+144