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* Add option to set the bound hostLaurent Bachelier2010-04-123-11/+25
* Rename README to a shorter extensionLaurent Bachelier2010-04-121-0/+0
* mime-types.conf update from GentooLaurent Bachelier2010-04-121-1/+3
* Do not fail silently if no required executables are foundLaurent Bachelier2010-04-122-24/+29
* lighttpd's include does not handle absolute pathsLaurent Bachelier2010-04-121-1/+1
* Workaround for lighttpd's behavior on stupid filesystemsLaurent Bachelier2010-04-021-0/+2
* More explicit startup messageLaurent Bachelier2010-03-311-1/+20
* Fixes option gettingLaurent Bachelier2010-03-182-2/+6
* Remove support for long options in genconfLaurent Bachelier2010-03-172-7/+17
* Workaround for PHP < 5.3.0 and long optionsLaurent Bachelier2010-03-172-1/+372
* Create directories that might not be thereLaurent Bachelier2010-02-221-0/+4
* Create target directory if neededLaurent Bachelier2010-02-222-0/+2
* Fixes documentation errorsLaurent Bachelier2010-02-151-1/+1
* Add information about long optionsLaurent Bachelier2010-02-081-0/+6
* Fixes comment in exampleLaurent Bachelier2010-02-051-1/+1
* Allow denying of PHP execution in some directoriesLaurent Bachelier2010-01-312-4/+17
* Fixes server error after symfony clear-cacheLaurent Bachelier2010-01-191-1/+1
* Fixes example for symfony 1.2Laurent Bachelier2010-01-181-1/+1
* Log PHP errors to lighttpd's error.logLaurent Bachelier2010-01-173-4/+4
* More on why symfttpd is awesome, documentation fixesLaurent Bachelier2010-01-171-7/+9
* Documentation fixesLaurent Bachelier2010-01-174-17/+28
* Documentation updateLaurent Bachelier2010-01-171-2/+47
* spawn can start lighttpdLaurent Bachelier2010-01-171-2/+7
* spawn is now able to output a working config fileLaurent Bachelier2010-01-174-14/+134
* Detailed and perfected configuration optionsLaurent Bachelier2010-01-162-11/+45
* Adds --path option to mksymlinksLaurent Bachelier2010-01-163-12/+32
* More refactoringLaurent Bachelier2010-01-165-61/+67
* Plenty of refactoring, PosixToolsLaurent Bachelier2010-01-166-38/+140
* spawn debutsLaurent Bachelier2010-01-151-0/+20
* Libraries that will be used by spawnLaurent Bachelier2010-01-152-0/+57
* Move utility files to lib/Laurent Bachelier2010-01-152-1/+1
* Adds mkdirs() from symfonyLaurent Bachelier2010-01-151-0/+19
* Handle getopt() quirks a bit betterLaurent Bachelier2010-01-152-4/+3
* Fixes heading levelLaurent Bachelier2010-01-141-1/+1
* Better documentation; short presentation of the toolsLaurent Bachelier2010-01-141-4/+18
* Merge branch 'mksymlinks'Laurent Bachelier2010-01-135-67/+437
| * Basic documentation for mksymlinksLaurent Bachelier2010-01-131-12/+65
| * DeprecatedLaurent Bachelier2010-01-131-55/+0
| * Emulate publish-assets for symfony < 1.2Laurent Bachelier2010-01-132-22/+46
| * Support for creating relative symlink destinationLaurent Bachelier2010-01-133-8/+27
| * Add missing spaceLaurent Bachelier2010-01-131-1/+1
| * Switched to sfToolsLaurent Bachelier2010-01-131-8/+3
| * sfTools: Better logic, return successLaurent Bachelier2010-01-131-9/+8
| * Add sfTools, based on sfFilesystemLaurent Bachelier2010-01-131-0/+139
| * Can't create plugin symlinks for symfony < 1.2Laurent Bachelier2010-01-121-2/+10
| * Run a related symfony command for plugin symlinksLaurent Bachelier2010-01-122-1/+12
| * Every setting in the config file is handledLaurent Bachelier2010-01-122-3/+70
| * Better default pathsLaurent Bachelier2010-01-111-5/+5
| * mksymlinks: new tool to create all the symlinksLaurent Bachelier2010-01-112-0/+109
* | README: create FAQ sectionLaurent Bachelier2010-01-111-7/+15