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Fix confusing / incorrect instruction in install.txt install.txt suggests to use options -d 1 or 2 to control logging output, when in fact irkerd uses the syslog levels. Changed to say -d info / debug, so we don't get an error when doing as the install instructions suggest. See merge request !3
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@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ You will need either
irker needs to run constantly, watching for TCP and UDP traffic on
port 6659. Install it accordingly. It has no config file; you can
just start it up with no arguments. If you want to see what it's
-doing, give it command-line options -d 1 for sparse messages and -d 2
-to show all traffic with IRC servers.
+doing, give it command-line options -d info for sparse messages and
+-d debug to show all traffic with IRC servers.
You should *not* make irker visible from outside the site firewall, as
it can be used to spam IRC channels while masking the source address.