This overlay is mainly for my own usage, though packages are of reasonable quality and do not conflict with the official portage tree if you use stable.

There is some software I watch closely that should be always up-to-date, especially since I'm a developer of many.

Most of the remaining packages are developer tools and Python libraries.

You can browse the package list: http://gpo.zugaina.org/Overlays/laurentb

This overlay is available in the official Gentoo list. Just run:

# eselect repository enable laurentb

Or if you're using layman:

# layman -a laurentb

In case you don't use those tools, you can also put into /etc/portage/repos.conf/laurentb.conf:

[laurentb] location = /var/db/repos/laurentb sync-type = git sync-uri = https://github.com/laurentb/gentoo-overlay.git

The commits should be signed by my GPG key.

# gpg --recv-key 0x3463EA5A518A9C75 # GIT_DIR="/var/db/repos/laurentb/.git" git log -n1 --show-signature

You can check the authenticity of my key by various means, including: * https://laurent.bachelier.name/gpgkey.txt * namecoin id/laurentb https://nameid.org/?name=laurentb https://namecha.in/name/id/laurentb * The GPG web of trust http://pgp.cs.uu.nl/stats/518A9C75.html * https://launchpad.net/~laurentb * GitHub shows the commits as Verified along with the key used

Feel free to take any of my ebuilds under whatever licence and copyright assignation. I follow these guidelines: https://dev.gentoo.org/~mgorny/articles/new-gentoo-copyright-policy-explained.html

Contact: Laurent Bachelier <laurent@bachelier.name>