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* Use the modern print functionHEADmasterLaurent Bachelier2017-03-281-2/+2
* Add options to ignore symbolic links; ignore both kinds by defaultLaurent Bachelier2017-03-211-1/+6
* Add support for hardlinks and reflinksLaurent Bachelier2016-03-151-2/+6
* Better method to find out CPU coresLaurent Bachelier2016-03-151-2/+3
* Better import styleLaurent Bachelier2014-08-231-3/+5
* Use argparse formatter to show defaultsLaurent Bachelier2014-08-131-16/+18
* Display a line every 200 dirsLaurent Bachelier2013-01-051-2/+5
* Refactor output systemLaurent Bachelier2012-12-271-11/+9
* Option to ignore lossy files with too high rate/bitLaurent Bachelier2012-12-271-1/+3
* Chose "best" output and jobsLaurent Bachelier2012-12-271-5/+12
* Make module executableLaurent Bachelier2012-12-271-0/+52