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diff --git a/brutha/__main__.py b/brutha/__main__.py
index a279c53..b839a59 100644
--- a/brutha/__main__.py
+++ b/brutha/__main__.py
@@ -40,6 +40,10 @@ def main():
help="Execute the script instead of printing it")
parser.add_argument('-j', '--jobs', type=int, default=cores,
help="Number of concurrent jobs")
+ parser.add_argument('-O', '--outside', action='store_true',
+ help="Follow directory symbolic links outside of the source directory")
+ parser.add_argument('-I', '--inside', action='store_true',
+ help="Follow directory symbolic links inside of the source directory")
group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
group.add_argument('-l', '--hardlink', action='store_true', help="Use hardlinks instead of a copy")
group.add_argument('-r', '--reflink', action='store_true', help="Use reflinks instead of a copy")
@@ -52,7 +56,8 @@ def main():
{'quality': args.quality, 'gain': args.gain, 'delete': args.delete,
'maxrate': args.maxrate, 'maxbits': args.maxbits,
'lossycheck': args.lossycheck,
- 'hardlink': args.hardlink, 'reflink': args.reflink},
+ 'hardlink': args.hardlink, 'reflink': args.reflink,
+ 'inside': args.inside, 'outside': args.outside},
if args.execute:
stream = StringIO()