assnetAsocial Sharing Network13 dayssummarylogtree
bruthaBatch synchronization of music, with FLAC to Ogg Vorbis, optional down-sampling,...13 dayssummarylogtree
confmanLazy, rootless, yet powerful config file management mostly using symlinks13 dayssummarylogtree
fabtoolsFork of dayssummarylogtree
ffsF. File Store13 dayssummarylogtree
gentoo-overlaylaurentb Gentoo overlay9 dayssummarylogtree
greptableList tables of SQL databases for easy schema greps13 dayssummarylogtree
irkerFork of dayssummarylogtree
irkertestStupid repo to test irker13 dayssummarylogtree
mpdatMPD (Music Player Daemon) albums tool13 dayssummarylogtree
nokiroidUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.13 dayssummarylogtree
public-dotfilesPersonal configuration files13 dayssummarylogtree
renconRename files by their content13 dayssummarylogtree
rtorrent-notifyNotify of rtorrent events, through RSS or IRC (using Irker)13 dayssummarylogtree
symfttpdTools to use symfony and lighttpd together, aimed at lazy developers and sysadmi...13 dayssummarylogtree
tmpcloneClone a SCM repo (git) temporarily13 dayssummarylogtree
weboobWeb Outside of Browsers35 hourssummarylogtree
xunitparserRead JUnit/XUnit XML files and map them to Python objects13 dayssummarylogtree